Mercury Retrograde is already doing the most!

Nobody has a good time when Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde.

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Today is the official first day of retrograde and I’m already seeing its effects. In case you’re new to the phenomenon, Mercury going retrograde causes:

  • Delays
  • Glitches
  • Relationship problems stemming from miscommunication.
  • Tech and travel issues
  • Confusion
  • Brain fog
  • Loss of intimacy in romantic relationships.

On my way in to the office I ran into a slew of disabled vehicles on the road, driver miscommunication resulting in road rage incidents and down traffic lights.

All of this, and then I get to work today and the internet service has been in and out all morning resulting in emails being sent multiple times or not at all, phone calls dropping, HVAC communication issues and the likes.

Even my tarot cards are feeling the effects. Every card in my daily morning spread came out in the reverse signaling a time to go back and review what has already been said and done as opposed to trying to move forward and create new things.

I mention all of this as a reminder.

To those of you who may be feeling super frustrated at all of the things that may seem to be going wrong today and over the next few weeks, Mercury Retrograde is not your enemy.

Retrograde is not something that we have to view as a negative.

You’re going to run into traffic, it’s inevitable.

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Instead of being a crazy road rage maniac, settle back into your seat, turn on some music or a podcast and focus your attention instead on the nature around you. People watch. Take the delay as an opportunity to observe your surroundings in a way you may have not had the chance to do before.

Run into delays at work?

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Cool! You can’t make Deb in accounting give you the information you need any faster than she’s going to give it to you. Besides, she may be dealing with delays you know nothing about. Instead of stressing yourself and Deb, maybe take the down time you have now to go for a walk. Get in those 10,000 steps. Go and network with other colleagues that you may have not had the chance to catch up with in a while. Or simply use the extra time to work on a personal side project that you don’t normally have time to indulge in.

Travel plans delayed?

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Bet! If you’re stuck in the airport, explore it. Visit the shops. Talk to the people you meet there. You may meet someone you could be friends with or even a new romantic partner. I wouldn’t start a relationship during this period but there’s no harm in meeting new people and getting to know each other. Save the proposals until after retrograde though lol.

If you can leave the airport, go on a mini tour of the city.

If your plans got canceled all together, go on a stay-cation!

The key to a successful retrograde is to:

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  • Be flexible and don’t try to force your will to be done.
  • Surrender to what is and find a way to be in flow with things as they are.

We’re in this thing for another three weeks and we have another two week shadow period after that so it’s better to put yourself in a mental state of surrender now. Things will go a lot smoother and you just may end up being more productive than you think you will be.

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