2020 The Year In Music: September

September was a reading month. In addition to reading my tarot cards, tarot books, and tarot articles, I must have made at least three trips to the bookstore. I was insatiable. The driver a I got our act together, finally. We were taking day trips to serene places around the city. We hit book stores, … Continue reading 2020 The Year In Music: September

Tarot Tuesday: Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups - Crowley Thoth Keywords: Productiveness, Spirituality, Unconditional Love, Creativity, Confidence, Happiness, Creation of a new passion project, New Beginnings, Emotional Release. My interpretation: On days ruled by the Ace of Cups you can expect to experience sudden bursts of inspiration towards passion projects, opportunities to create new loving friendships, and becoming receptive … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Ace of Cups