Tarot Tuesday: The Star

The Star Rider-Waite Keywords: Renewal, Hope, Healing, Spirituality, Inspiration, Opportunities, Clarity of Vision. My Interpretation: The Star tarot card is a shining beacon welcoming you to have a little faith. When the Star card shows up in a reading it is a reminder that you are abundantly supported by Spirit. This card often comes up … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: The Star

Tarot Tuesday: Seven of Swords

Keywords: Frivolousness, Uselessness, Restriction, Feeling Helpless, Lack of mental clarity causes indecision, Unmotivated, Worry unnecessarily. My Interpretation: On days ruled by the Seven of swords, even the smallest tasks seem like they require the effort of climbing Mount Everest! This could mean that work may begin to pile up, household chores may seem to back … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Seven of Swords