Tarot Tuesday: Three of wands

Keywords: Preparation meets perspiration, results of your efforts, progress, understanding your purpose, alignment.

My Interpretation: The imagery of this card makes me feel like this woman is looking out over the ocean one last time the night before a big competition the next day. She seems calm, steady, and ready.

The energy of this card feels like expectation. Like all the work this woman has done has brought her to this point and the only thing left is to receive the victory she has worked so hard for. The groundwork that was laid in the past is coming to fruition in the present.

My Advice: For better or for worse, you are about to be rewarded for your efforts. If you have sewn bad deeds, the chickens are coming home to roost. If you have been focused on building, growing, developing, you are about to finally see just how beneficial all of your work has been. I’m feeling big rewards coming in to the collective.

I’m talking real big things coming your way. If you’ve been experiencing money blockages, they are about to be blown away. Any work you’ve been doing on your own growth is about to be confirmed in the positive by the people around you. Your desire to be different and make new choices is about to yield some pretty dope awards.

However, I’m not just getting this from the love and light perspective. If you’ve been acting a fool, the things you’ve been doing are about to yield some big ass consequences. The thing about doing shady shit, is that it always has a way of catching up to you. While I’d hope that we all are trying to find ways to be better and stay above the fray, I also recognize living in this lifetime is hard and sometimes you have to do things you aren’t proud of. Regardless of what side of this you land on, remember that there is a lesson in every blessing and a blessing in every lesson.

We are moving closer to Mercury retrograde and I can’t preach this enough, it’s time to review the things that you have been pooling your energy into. Where have you been investing your time? Blasts from the past are about to start turning up to show you exactly what you have to look forward to once Mercury goes direct at the end of September. Pay attention to any synchronicity, any messages you receive, any areas of your life that are a focus of this retrograde will be where you receive your reward or karma.

If you want to know what specifically is in store for you, message me here, instagram, or text me for a personal tarot reading.

Until next time…

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