Tarot Tuesday: Eight of Pentacles

Keywords: Perfectionism, repetition, practice makes perfect, routine, commitment, study, experience

My Interpretation: In most other decks you see a man laboring away making identical pentacles. In this version we have a woman who seemingly has all the tools available to perform some type of ritual but instead of doing what she came to do she is procrastinating by staring into the flame of a candle.

The candle has been burned down quite a bit which is giving me the impression that she has wasted A LOT of time.

As I look at this card today I can’t help but feel like she is running out of time to complete something. There’s a second candle in the background that is burning brightly. It gives the feeling that there is a second chance to finish her work but the second time around won’t burn as bright because she won’t have the strength of two lights.

My Advice: This comes as confirmation of the message that came out on Manifest Monday.

The time for dragging your feet is over. You are actively wasting an opportunity to manifest your dreams because you are procrastinating.

That business, cooking show, blog, app, that thing that’s been nudging you, that you can’t seem to shake from your mind, that thing is what you were put here to pursue. It is your life purpose. Spend time everyday honing your craft. Share your journey into mastering this skill, it’s literally why your soul chose to incarnate at this time.

Live your purpose!

This card also can suggest a period of study or apprenticeship. There is a class or teacher that you will be guided to that will help you on your journey. You don’t need to stress out about where to find this instruction because you are already walking a path that will lead you to where you are supposed to be.

Also, this card is a call to pay attention to your patterns. What behaviors do you repeat on autopilot that may not be serving you anymore? If you’re doing the same thing over and over, the only result you can expect is that you will get better at repeating the behavior. But just because you’re getting better at it, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Pay attention to your triggers. There’s a toxic pattern that needs to be weeded out. You’re just going to keep getting the same result until you make a change.

Lastly, I’m getting that Perfectionism is ruining your life. While the lady in the card is not actively doing work, you can tell that she has been working on the eight pentacles above her. They are beautifully unique and you can tell that they have been crafted well. She could probably make a lot of money off of them but she won’t put them to use.

There are people who will pay good money for your talent or skill right now. The only reason you are not receiving what you’re worth is because you don’t believe in yourself enough to ask for it. You think you need to be perfect because you can’t see that you already are.

If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it! Create it. Sell it. Teach it. Grow it. Apply for it. Quit it.

Do the thing you are scared to do, and do it NOW.

Until next time…


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