Thankful Thursday: Patience

Hey guys! Welcome back to Thankful Thursday. Something that I've learned in the tempering of my patience muscle is that it is not a virtue that is easily accepted by a lot of people. It has been made worse in a culture of instant gratification. People just aren't used to waiting for things anymore. Things … Continue reading Thankful Thursday: Patience

Mercury Retrograde is already doing the most!

Nobody has a good time when Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde. Photo by Yan Krukov on Today is the official first day of retrograde and I'm already seeing its effects. In case you're new to the phenomenon, Mercury going retrograde causes: DelaysGlitchesRelationship problems stemming from miscommunication.Tech and travel issuesConfusionBrain fogLoss of intimacy … Continue reading Mercury Retrograde is already doing the most!