Tarot Tuesday: Seven of Swords

Keywords: Frivolousness, Uselessness, Restriction, Feeling Helpless, Lack of mental clarity causes indecision, Unmotivated, Worry unnecessarily. My Interpretation: On days ruled by the Seven of swords, even the smallest tasks seem like they require the effort of climbing Mount Everest! This could mean that work may begin to pile up, household chores may seem to back … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Seven of Swords

Tarot Tuesday: Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups - Crowley Thoth Keywords: Productiveness, Spirituality, Unconditional Love, Creativity, Confidence, Happiness, Creation of a new passion project, New Beginnings, Emotional Release. My interpretation: On days ruled by the Ace of Cups you can expect to experience sudden bursts of inspiration towards passion projects, opportunities to create new loving friendships, and becoming receptive … Continue reading Tarot Tuesday: Ace of Cups