Spiritual download: Your commitment to your manifestation is about to be tested.

There’s a manifestation that you’ve been working hard to bring into fruition. Things may have been feeling stagnant for you over the past few months or years, depending on the size of the manifestation you’ve been working on. The reason for this delay has been to temper you into preparation for what’s about to happen next. A betrayal, backstabbing, or ending is about to occur in your life. While at first glance it may appear as if this is yet another blow that is creating another setback it is actually the answer to your prayers.


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If what you have been manifesting is a healthy relationship with friends, a romantic partner, or your family, a major blast from the past is about to come and create the perfect storm of a situation that will make you have to finally reconcile the past so that you can move into the new relationship you’ve been manifesting.

This past energy could come in the form of an ex, family member, or friend. You probably know who this is already. Its likely the first person you thought of while reading this. Yes. That person or situation, that you’ve tried to convince yourself and everyone else that you are done with, and that you’re beyond, is coming back to show you just how not over it or done you really are. Instead of trying to run from this person or situation, deal with it head on. If you can have the courage to face this, express yourself fully, and truly work to resolve the situation, you will put an end to the associated karmic cycle that stands in the way of you seeing the healthy happy relationship you’ve been manifesting. Release your ex. Or, release your “x”, referring to the “x” paradigm. If you are able to release it, it is because it no longer resonates with you. You are strong enough now to speak up for yourself, protect yourself, and resolve this . The bite is over, the stitches are removed, the bandages have been discarded. Now its time to acknowledge the scar. Reflect on the journey. Accept that this process was a part of your journey. And finally, move on.


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If this is career, you may be about to get fired, laid off, asked to take a pay cut, or put through some other type of financial hardship. Don’t knee jerk into old thought patterns by leaping to find another 9-5 job. Instead, see this as the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. You’ve been saying for months, if your job fires you or you get laid off you will start that business. Well. Now’s your chance to take those risks and do what you said you would do. While you may not be an overnight success at whatever it is you’re planning, with persistence, patience, hard work, and faith, this venture will start to bear fruit for you around Sagittarius season, could be this year or next so don’t hold me on the exact timeline. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security here. What you’ve asked for is a tall order and you will have to do your part here to bring it to fruition. This will not be some easy peasy one and done. You will have to show up for yourself, everyday, in the same way you showed up for your 9-5 job to see the type of success you’re manifesting. The universe is on your side, but you have to be, too.

Alternatively, if this is about a promotion you’ve applied for, you’re about to begin the initiation process. You’re about to be doing the work of the new job without getting the pay. This will also affect your free time. You are about to be tested on the strength of the commitment that you have for the role you are asking for. If you’re only in this for the perks and the money, you may be about to find out that it is hardly worth it for those reasons alone.

But. If this is a career you are passionate about, you are about to be thrilled with the influx of learning and the fast pace, energy pumping environment you are about to find yourself in. We’re talking full adrenaline rush here. Don’t worry though. Things won’t be like this forever. Look at this as like a form of hazing. It’s purpose is to determine your skill set, how well you work in a team, and what your true value will be. For you, the pay off will be well worth the effort. The friendships, networking, information, and experience alone will be enough for you. The money will just be sugar on top.


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Its time to implement those changes you’ve been working on. You’re about to go into a dark night of the soul. This will be like Mom and Dad leaving you home alone for the weekend. While they are home, you are self sufficient and independent, you know what you’re supposed to be doing and require minimal assistance from your parents. But, once this dark night of the soul hits, you’re gonna be left alone to make those same decisions for yourself. The thing is, you’ve been taught how to maneuver in these situations already. Don’t let fear and insecurity creep into your brain and trick you into thinking you can’t handle this. You are equipped. You will need to allow yourself to be vulnerable and communicate your needs during this time. Nobody is going to read your mind or act on your behalf. You will have to do your own biding. Don’t let yourself get bogged down thinking you are going to do something wrong. There is no wrong.

While it will feel like you’ve been home alone for months, once you come out of this tunnel you will see that you were actually only in it for a few minutes and that it was your own fears that made time seem to stand still. You’ve got this.

Once you are in the dark night, don’t turn around, meaning, don’t default back into doing things the way you used to do them. You already know what the outcome will be if you refuse to stand up for yourself, or if you pretend you don’t want something that you really do want.

Keep moving forward and walk through the darkness towards the light in front of you. Keep applying the new techniques you’ve learned. Hold on to the self confidence you’ve built. Depend on yourself. Believe that you are strong enough, smart enough, capable to see yourself through this. If it helps, imagine Mom and Dad have the ring camera on you. While they are not physically there, they have eyes and ears on you at all times and they are there to help you when you need it.

Why is this happening?

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For a couple of reasons. You say you want to be different, do different things, and have new experiences. That may well be true. But, how far are you willing to go in order to have them?

To get a new outcome or timeline, you have to make new choices. That’s what these situations are here to do. See if you have committed to the work you have been doing and if you’re truly ready to move on to the next lesson.

If you are not ready and still need a bit more time to work through your blockages, this period will show you what is really holding you back from your manifestations. You may be blaming your stagnancy on your external circumstances only to realize once you are given your ideal external circumstances your manifestations still don’t produce. This isn’t because they aren’t meant to happen. This is because there is still a blockage that needs to be removed. The situations that are about to come up will show you where your blockages still are.

The only way you will see and appreciate that though is if you are able to see the forest, and the trees.

My advice:

As things start to happen in the coming weeks, don’t be reactionary and remember the lessons. Measure your responses and actions. Don’t just go on what you see. Think. Feel. Listen. Observe. Plan. Find a way to see how the seeming negative circumstance, is actually the catalyst into your manifestation.

Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

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