Manifest Monday: Patience

Its the first day of Mercury retrograde shadow period and already the chaos is starting. So far I’ve encountered canceled plans, communication issues, and a message from an ex. To top it all off, I’ve been sick all weekend. I feel like my attention is being pulled in a million directions and I’m already exhausted. I’m juggling work demands, relationship maintenance, and dealing with issues from the past. Needless to say, I’m really not in the mood.

It’s funny…

I feel like I asked for the challenges presented to me this retrograde.

While all my astro-friends have been discussing their apprehension about the communication planet moving into review phase, I have been expressing optimism. A few weeks ago, I ran across an article that talks about the benefits of changing your perspective on retrograde. It resonated with me because it was a call to stop fearing and sending mercury negative energy. To instead, embrace the opportunity to review, revise, and course correct. So that’s what I decided I wanted to do this time around.

  • Be flexible and don’t try to force my will.
  • Surrender to what is, and try to find a way to be in flow.
  • Use retrograde to my advantage by analyzing my past to understand how it has affected my present.
  • Pause to reflect on how the decisions I am about to make will affect my future.

And most importantly,

Practice patience.

Patience is hard for me because I have control issues. When things go wrong, my first instinct is to overreact.

In the past my haste has served me but, whatever benefit I received was usually not very long enduring. This has often lead to regret, disappointment, and settling for less. Well no more to that! I will be reviewing the choices I made in the past that brought me to this point and looking for ways to fully resolve these issues in a way that pleases me. Instead of panicking and accepting the first option that I run across, I am going to be patient and vet all of my options.

This week I will be manifesting patience to help me stay grounded so that I can make clear rational decisions that serve me both now and in the future.


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