Temperance and Discernment.

Couple of messages here today so bear with me please:


You may be getting discouraged watching people who have created something similar to what you’re creating become successful faster than you. Don’t be. The reason behind your manifestation is different than theirs. Your fruits are taking longer to come in because you are building a solid foundation first to ensure continued abundance well into the future. We’re talking generational wealth here. Keep your eye on the prize. Keep creating. Keep building day by day. Once the fad is gone and the quick ends fade, your product will hold and increase in its value. People will be able to discern the real from the fake.


Someone is being difficult asf right now. They don’t care about logic, truth, or teamwork. They care about being right! The energy that this person is in, is probably due to an insecurity they have about not being good enough. Could also be struggling with imposter syndrome. For today, let this person be right. If you exercise patience, observance, and discernment, and get out of your own reactionary ego this person’s tantrums will start to look more like a frustrated child who needs the space to process their own issue. Your role here is to be nurturing and guiding without interfering. The tantrum will fade.

#divination #entrepreneurlife #foundation #stability

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