Witchcraft Wednesday: Why the fuck do witches use broomsticks?

Why the fuck do witches use broomsticks?

Well, that depends on what witch you ask.

Historically, due to hallucinogenic herbs, and sometimes small doses of poisonous substances applied topically, women would get high and take their broomsticks out into fields to run and jump around. 

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also add that in my research several articles suggest women dipped the handles of their broomsticks into a salve laced with these hallucinogenic herbs and then used the handle as a tool to apply the salve to the mucus membranes inside their lady parts. I guess that’s where the term riding a broom really came from.

Now even though this was probably being done for fun, I’m sure some nosy hater caught these women living their best lives out partying in the fields and got jealous.

Whoever captain buzz kill was, he or she, went around telling people stories about what they’d “witnessed”. Claiming they saw these women actually flying. Soon after, stories began to circulate about these women having made some type of deal with the devil. Next thing you know, people are being killed for suspicion of dealing with dark forces.

Damn shame too cause this ritual sounds like a lit way to spend a Friday. Not the fucking yourself with a broomstick part, just the getting high and playing around in a field part. No shade if you like fucking broomsticks though. Get it how you live babe.

In the present, witches have turned to more mundane uses for this tool.

Spiritual uses for broomsticks:

  • Protection
  • Clearing energy
  • Cleaning the home
  • To maintain energetic balance
  • As a symbol of fertility
  • To filter out negative energy

How do you use a broomstick?

For protection – For the rituals listed below, I reccomend you purchase or make a special ritual broom. For protection, hang your broom next to your front door bristles up. You can also lay salt on the floor and use the broom to direct or move the salt to line doorways.

For energy clearing – depending on your spell or ritual sweep your ritual space clockwise or counterclockwise while reciting or setting your intention on the space. Invite the energies that you want to work with and clear or remove the energies you wish to banish. Pro tip, if you need a symbol for a doorway for your ritual, you can also use your broom!

To filter out negative energy – Stand your broomstick in the corner next to your front door or main entryway bristles up. Be sure to periodically clean your broom with water or smoke smudging regularly. Once the bristles catch that energy, it will remain in your space until you clear it.

Cleaning your home – Use to sweep your house love. I feel like this one is pretty self explanatory.

Well guys! That’s all I have for you about brooms. I couldn’t help but share the interesting story about how brooms came to be seen as a method of transportation. Especially once I figured out the women were really riding the brooms, lol.

If you have any rituals you’d like to share or ways that you use your broom in your practice, I’d love to learn about them. Just leave it in the comments below.

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