Tarot Tuesday: Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands Rider-Waite

Keywords: Passionate, Fire, Strength, Creativity, Intuitive, Action, Courage, Independence, Self assured, Determined, Driven, Optimistic.

My Interpretation: This dark or brown haired goddess sitting on her throne looks like she is ready to get after it. In my mind, she’s staring off to the side listening intently to the information being given to her by someone just outside the card. The Queen is gathering her information as she sits on her throne and will soon be ready to strike out to manage whatever situation that has been presented to her. This Queen is not the type to sit around and wait for some King to take care of things for her. As you can see from her foot sticking out from the bottom of her gown, she is ready to get up and take action herself.

The black cat that sits at the forefront of this card represents her intuition. This cat is calm, cool, and collected. While the Queen focuses her attention on consciously receiving the information needed, her cat sits directly in front of her watching you and everything around. He’s quietly observing and collecting information to deliver back to the queen by way of her subconscious. If you look closely, the cat looks like he’s ready to snitch on anyone or anything he sees getting out of line.

The staff in her hand sprouting leaves shows me that the information flowing to her is generating or sprouting new ideas ready to be manifested in the physical realm. The sunflower in her other had represents the queens affinity to the sun. She is of renewing energy, passion, fire, and is often associated with the astrological sign on Leo.


When the queen of wands appears in a spread, it is either a call to action, or a recommendation to assume the qualities of the queen towards your goals.

As soon as I see this queen pop up in a tarot reading I automatically hear the song “I’m a boss ass bitch, bitch, bitch….” When she appears, depending on the information present in the spread, I know it’s either time to step into some boss ass bitch energy or, a boss ass bitch is about to come into my life and shake things up. Either way, this woman means business.

The Queen calls you to stand up in your own boss energy. She encourages you to move forward in your creative pursuits from a place of authority over what you are aiming to claim. The Queen doesn’t ask for a seat at the head of the table, she merely sits anywhere and commands the the attention of those around her, much like the sunflower in her hand follows the sun’s rays. She is dynamic and self assured. She is confident and goal oriented. She is focused and poised to rule over her kingdom with a care, compassion, and a firm hand.

The Queen asks you to be bold. You are aware of your light and dark energies and when you trust your intuition, you know how to manage these polarities in a way that will bring forth a successful outcome to your creative endeavors. The Queen wants you to step into your divine feminine energy and claim your rightful place as a mover or shaker in your industry. If she appears as a person coming into your consciousness, just know she’s coming in hot and fast with facts on deck. She will be a dark or brown haired woman who is assertive, passionate, encouraging and business minded. She’s that woman that walks into a party and catches the attention of everyone present. She’s the popular head cheerleader. She always seems to be in control of her situation. She’s friendly, personable, and warm.

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