Welcome to The Sawyer Club.

The Sawyer Club is a blog focused on uplifting, supporting, educating, connecting, and encouraging women of color to be. Unapologetically. With a focus on spiritual development, personal growth and ascension, it is my aim to provide a safe space for you to learn, share, and grow.

The goal:

To unify women of color during their ascension journey through shared experiences, acts of service, sisterhood, and communion.

The purpose:

To offer a safe place for women to share their experiences, to offer advice on life, love, and relationships, to share stories of their own growth and journey’s towards becoming better versions of themselves, and to build lasting friendships within the spiritual community.

What’s inside?

On this blog you will find personal anecdotes, tarot interpretations, horoscopes, information about commonly used spiritual terms and tools, recommended spiritual experiences, and advice on how to navigate your own ascension journey.

Let’s connect!

This blog is intended to be an interactive experience. Have a question you want to ask? Let me know about it. Have thoughts on a topic that you would like to share? Send it on over. Need to vent about that crazy day, spilled coffee, incompetent boss? I’m all eyes.

If you are interested in contributing to The Sawyer Club, please reach out to me via the contact page or email me directly at TheSawyerClubOnline@Gmail.com

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Welcome to The Sawyer Club!

Meet the creator –

Dylan Sawyer

Life and Spiritual Coach.

My goal, is to help you to identify the ways that you can help yourself become the best version of yourself.