Tarot Tuesday: Six of Swords

Keywords: Change, transition, moving on, accepting lessons.

My Interpretation: The man in this boat, let’s call him Cliff. Cliff appears to be sailing away from a tumultuous situation. The six swords in his boat represent all of the wisdom he has gained from this situation, and the turbulent water represents all of the emotions he must navigate while searching for a new place to land. Cliff appears to be sailing backwards, suggesting to me that even though he is choosing to move on from whatever has happened, he is still in a period of reflection. The cloudy blue sky reflects his uncertainty that he is making the right decision, but the determined look on his face is saying to me that he is willing to risk whatever may come to him at sea, if it means he can be done with whatever caused him to flee in the first place. Cliff has had enough and has made his choice to go.

Advice: You took a page from Cliff’s handbook and you’ve decided to put yourself first regardless of any discomfort that may come as a result. You’ve spent countless hours arguing your point, proving your worth, or downright fighting your way through things you didn’t deserve, and now you’re moving on. Good for you! While you may still be reflecting on the drama and trauma of it all, at some point you and Cliff are going to have to turn around and face the sea of new possibilities ahead of you. Looking backwards over your shoulder trying to navigate is a lot more difficult and wastes a lot of unnecessary energy that you may need to rely on later.

This card appearing as the card of the day comes as no surprise. All around me I’m witnessing people say goodbye to dead end jobs, unfulfillung relationships, stagnant behavior, not living up to their potential, not pursuing their goals, fear, ego, codependency, and all sorts of low vibration energies. The message to release yourself from things that no longer serve you has been heard loud and clear and people, including you, are following through on their own passions and seeking their own happiness. So many people become comfortable in their current curcustances to the point that they became complacent in their misery, and this may have been you too but, we’re all starting to understand that life is entierly too short. Natural disasters, freak accidents, Covid-19, and now Monkey pox, have highlighted for us on a global scale how precious our time is on this planet of manifestation. And so, as a collective, we are deciding to reclaim our lives, in whatever ways we need individually.

I know this may be a hard transition. But, as you break free from the mundane in search of your true happiness, the rough waters will calm, your clarity will improve, and your resolve will strengthen.

As the seven of swords is the next card, you may find that in order to re-establish yourself in your new reality, you may need to cut a few corners. Things like exaggerating on your resume to get that dream job, telling a little white lie to get your mom to babysit so you can go on that date, or embellish your product sales a bit to secure that contract. Do what youve got to do but be careful. Anytime you do something less than square you run the risk of getting caught.

I hope this post calms any uncertainty you may be feeling about your choice to move on. I hope that these words will confirm what your spirit has been telling you and that you will stick to your instincts.

Go out and find your truth.

Until next time…


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