Thankful Thursday: Patience

Hey guys! Welcome back to Thankful Thursday.

Something that I’ve learned in the tempering of my patience muscle is that it is not a virtue that is easily accepted by a lot of people. It has been made worse in a culture of instant gratification. People just aren’t used to waiting for things anymore. Things like love, commitment, growth, and progress all require patience. Which is why some people have simply refused to take the leap on healing themselves and being vulnerable in love. They simply don’t have the patience with themselves to commit to the changes they want to see.

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I’m sitting in the lobby of an urgent care facility this morning and I’ve been contemplating just how much patience this room has seen. All around the building I can hear life speeding by, but in this room, time seems to stand still. Through all of our lifetimes there will be times when we are asked to sit and wait. And if you’re focused on manifesting the life you want, you know the waiting and patience game all too well.

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When I was growing up, we had to wait for things. There was no amazon same day delivery. If you ordered a package, you waited 7-14 business days to get it, period. Cell phones were a luxury that we didn’t even begin to experience on a mass level until the late 90’s. Things just didn’t come quickly in my day and while it was a great inconvenience to me back then, I now find that I am grateful to have lived through the experience.

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Even though the lessons that taught me patience were oftentimes hard and uncomfortable, I am grateful to have experienced them.

I hope everyone has enjoyed an easy week so far. But, even if the road hasn’t been easy, I hope that you’ve at least been able to find the patience to deal with it.

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