Scorpio: What goes around comes back around.

Situation: I’m getting this two ways so feel free to flip the roles as necessary. This is a twin flame situation that’s falling apart. After an argument one of you made a difficult situation to leave the relationship. I’m getting that the person who was left would have done anything to make the leaver happy. While you didn’t want to leave, you felt you had no choice in this situation.

Current feelings: Someone in this situation is ice cold. It’s like you were talking to a wall. This person is giving you nothing in the way of showing that they have any concern for you or your feelings. You may have even said to this person, or they you (flip the roles), “But you’re my twin flame” . I’m seeing this person is paying attention to everyone else and everything else but you. I’m specifically seeing a man begging a woman for her attention and she is wholly uninterested. I’m also hearing that his friends tell him he’s simpin’. Someone is describing his behavior as simpin’.

Future: My how the tables have turned. Karma is definitely at play in this situation (flip the roles). It seems that now the single woman is sitting in waiting. She’s still holding on to you energetically and waiting for you to come back because she feels like she lost “The One”.

Advice: Follow your heart. Only you know what’s best for you. I can tell you with certainty though, that this is your twin flame. Your mirrored soul. Your divine counterpart. I’d be remiss if I did not also add that just because you are twin flames doesn’t mean you have to or should be in romantic union with each other. Use your best judgement. Consult with God, your Mom, or whoever it is that you trust, but most importantly listen to your heart. She’s in waiting if you want her.

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