Sagittarius: Caught in between the two.

Situation: OOOFFF this one is tricky! You’ve got yourself two opportunities that you can benefit from equally and you’re having a hard time figuring out which road to take. It’s not making things any easier that whichever decision you make will affect the whole family. Wait. I’m getting you’re already participating in each of these situations equally but the juggling act is catching up to you. You need to, and want to, let go of one but you can’t decide which one. One of these options fulfill you emotionally while the other fulfils you mentally. This is literally a battle between head and heart.

Current Feelings: Conflicted AF. I’m talking gridlocked. Constipated. To the point of avoidance all together. At this point you are straight up ducking people. That’s it. That’s all I got. I feel you looking at this page in anticipation, lol. I feel you! “What I’m supposed to do?” I hear you asking.

Future / Advice : You’re gonna be doing some research, fast. You are currently wasting valuable time trying to hide from this situation. It feels like you’re hoping one of these situations will resolve itself in your absence. Well, I hate to break it to you sweetie, it’s not. So while you’re escaping into football, hanging at the gym, drinking, watching porn, jerking your balls, and everything but trying to figure out this situation, you don’t see the shit storm that’s brewing. If you leave it unattended long enough it’ll likely lead you to a very real, very public, very immediate ultimatum that you aren’t going to like. Get to work my G.

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