Libra: Stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Situation: A lot of things are coming to light for you Libra. You’re trying to plan a future that will truly make you happy and you’re optimistic about the outcome. You are realizing that anything is possible and all you need to do is make a plan and stick to whatever choice you make. This could be you deciding to be more open with your emotions or expressing yourself more creatively through art or a passion project. Basically, you’re in a period of self exploration and leaning into your intuition.

Current energy: The devil has got a hold on your mind. While you are thinking through a couple of things you want to start working on, you may be holding yourself back out of fear. I’m hearing that you feel stuck. While you want to bring these ideas into reality, you’re holding yourself hostage by focusing on what could go wrong instead of what can go right. You’re looking for someone to come in and tell you that you are guaranteed 100% success in your endeavor because you are so terrified of failing. This has gotten to the point where you don’t try anything at all.

Future: In the future you will be receiving more information that will help you commit to a decision either way. Something is telling me that you already know exactly what you want to do, how you want to do it, and when you want to but that fear is keeping your feet tied. Be patient. The push you need is right around the corner.

Advice: Take a leap of faith! If you spend your whole life running from failure you will never accomplish anything. As a result, you’d effectively be a failure. Don’t fulfil your own prophecy by refusing to show up in your life. Paint that picture. Apply for that job. Run for that office. Sign up for that marathon. Commit to doing what’s in your heart to do, and DO IT. Even if you fail, you’ll be able to respect yourself and sleep at night knowing that you at least gave it a try.

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