General Energy Reading – The trumpets have been blown!

OMG guys! The moment is finally here and I’m so excited to be the one to bring you the news. The final judgement has been made and the justice you worked so hard to manifest for yourself this year is coming in!

Can you believe it?

Of course you can, but… GAH! The glory of the most high is…. indescribable.

Take a look at this three card spread:

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

I hope so!

We were tasked this year to define what justice was for us. We were challenged to change our limited views of karmic justice and divine judgement from being revenge based to growth minded.

Basically, instead of wishing ill on a person who wronged you as justice or karma, you were asked to really identify within yourself what justice looked like for you and ask for it.

Well, if you overstood the assignment, I have fantastic news for you. Take a look around at your life as it is right now. Then pull up pictures, videos, journals, all the chronicled information you built about yourself and your manifestations from this past year. Now, compare the two images. What do you see?

If you decided to manifest justice within yourself you should be able to see a marked difference between your circumstances, mentality, ambition, focus, now vs. where you came from.

Are you excited?

For those of you who manifested love, you will see that in learning to love yourself you began to project love into the world. This then allowed the world to reflect love back onto you and you’re probably in love or headed in the direction of being in love, right now.

If you manifested materials, like getting your creative project off the ground, starting a business, or being more social, you worked to make the change inside yourself and now, it’s being reflected back to you. You’re seeing momentum in your business growth. You’re starting to get buzz around your artistic projects. Networking events are popping up in your field of interest or you’re being invited to events you didn’t think you were ready to be present in.

Celebrate collective! You’ve worked hard to be the change you wanted to see in your life.

You learned what it truly means to let go of things that aren’t meant for you.

You’ve learned how to identify your shadow and what ways you can work with it to bring you into alignment.

You’ve learned how your own narcissistic tendencies are mirrored back to you through your community and how to practice being less narcissistic to others and yourself.

You’ve truly worked hard to learn to heal and what healing really is.

I’m so happy for all of you guys.

This is going to be short because I’m planning to do a YouTube video later going into more depth but for now, rejoice. Rest. Show gratitude. Allow yourself to truly receive and feel worthy of receiving what you’ve worked so hard for.

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