Taurus: Trust issues?

Situation: Unrequited love. You’re seeking clarity from the person you are engaged with. You’re feeling like this person is playing games and you don’t want to find yourself giving more to a situation than is necessary. I’m hearing you don’t want to look like a fool.

Current feelings: You feel like you’re losing in this situation. Like no matter how hard you try to get this person to just be clear with you, they won’t. You’re in love. But you don’t know if you’re there by yourself. You’re pretending in front of your person that you aren’t fazed by the lack of commitment but inside you’re breaking down. It hurts to see this person because all you want to do is love them. Is this a crush? Someone you want to take things to the next level with?

Future: I’m sorry to say, the answers you seek aren’t coming from this person. At least not right now. This is either your child’s mother or the person you are interested in has a child. This person is not willing to meet you half way. This could be because they are stringing you along while they wait on a better offer or they truly don’t know what they want. There’s something this person is keeping from you too. Some kind of truth that they are trying to prevent saying to you because they don’t want to hurt you.

Advice: It’s time to move on. The funny thing about the universe is that it holds your place in line. Meaning, as you encounter people on your journey, there is a pre-estimate of time you will be spending with that person. Now, if you decide to extend your stay that is up to you. Free will. But, understand the longer you spend in situations that are clearly not for you, the more you delay walking into the next situation that is meant for you. You don’t need to worry about missing out on anything that is meant for you and you shouldn’t worry yourself about this situation. I feel you pulling at the heart strings, wringing your hands, afraid to truly walk away because of FOMO. Instead of focusing on what you may miss out on in this situation, which if you ask me isn’t much, focus on what opportunities lay ahead. Get hopeful about meeting someone who is ready to reciprocate. Who is in the same space as you. The universe is waiting for you to move on from this lesson and into the next. I think you will be happy to find you’re about to walk right into your destiny. Your person is already in your energy field.

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