Leo: The lion is in love!

Situation: You’re in love and ready to expand your family. Your are happy happy. Like, next level happy. The only thing that will make you happier is if you were starting your family. You’ve presented your partner or will be presenting your partner with the idea .

Current feelings: You are absolutely giddy. You are hopeful. Excited. You are so sure and so ready. If you could get up and get pregnant right now you would. You may even be trying to make it happen tonight, lol.

Future: You’re going to be getting good news Leo. Your person will be coming to tell you they are ready too or that they are already pregnant. OMG!! Congratulations!!!

Advice: Hell, what can I advise? This is such great and happy news! Maybe I shouldn’t tell you but your person may already be pregnant. I’m getting that they don’t want to celebrate or tell anyone too soon for fear the pregnancy may not make it through the first trimester. But, I’m getting that your baby is coming into this world happy and healthy. It’s going to be a boy btw. ooopppsss was that a secret? (May be twins).

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