Cancer: Where’s my money man?

Situation: Your child’s father is coming in late or short with child support payments or alimony. Maybe even missing payments. You’ve heard or suspect that he is involved with someone else. Something is up. In court for a child support, or alimony case. The money is trickling in slowly or not at all while you await the judgement.

Current Feelings: You’re losing sleep at night trying to figure out how you’re going to make ends meet. It looks like you’re worried that the judgement won’t roll out in your favor. You may even be considering just walking away from the legal battle because things are very stressful for you. You may not be eating and fatigued. The worry is definitely showing up physically.

Future: Someone from your past is going to come in to help you. I’m getting that this person is vicious at the mouth when she’s crossed. This could be a parent coming in to help support you advocate for your rights. Maybe a motherly lawyer. This woman is someone you know who is going to help you in more than one way. Maybe a childhood friend who has experience with this type of situation. Alternatively, this could be someone who you have had beef with in the past. Maybe another baby’s mother by your partner. Even though you two don’t typically see eye to eye, she may come into offer some help.

Advice: Trust your intuition about this situation. Looks like there may even be a message coming in from your baby’s father trying to offer love in order to get out of this situation or convince you to drop the suit. This will be a difficult decision for you to make but I feel like you know what is best. I would recommend that you see this case through to the end regardless of what your child’s father may try to come up with. You know better than to fall for this trap again. Or at least, I hope you do.

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