Self Care Sunday: Masturbation

Happy Sunday and Happy Independence Day everyone!

It’s only noon in my corner of the world right now and I can already smell the savory smoke of BBQ grills being lit at the pool. Even though it’s an overcast day, the kids are outside running, screaming, laughing and splashing. The women are out in their red, white blue swimwear, and the Grill Master 3000 slides are wrapped around the ankles of Uncles and Daddy’s far and wide. You know as soon as you see them babies slide across the kitchen floor and out the patio door, Pop’s, Uncle, Cousin, Sister, whoever, is about to show the hell out on some beef, chicken, and pork. Damn! I just made my own mouth water thinking about it, lol.

Even though I don’t celebrate Independence Day, there are still parts of the holiday that I really enjoy. Mostly, the extra day off work and some good ole BBQ, but my absolute favorite part about the holiday is watching the fireworks. I can’t wait until nightfall so I can sit out on my patio and enjoy the free show. Seeing the night sky all lit up and the smell of the burning sulfur gets me all excited. Whew!

Speaking of excitement and fireworks, let’s get into today’s Self Care Sunday topic…


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Did you know masturbation is a form of self care? That’s right! Playing slap and tickle with yourself is a legitimate way to honor your self.

Not only is the self administered act of pleasure an effective way to relieve sexual tension it also:

  • IS THE SAFEST FORM OF SEX ON THE PLANET – No alphabet soup cooking in your panties or boxers if you decide to go it alone. Just be sure to clean your toys well, if you use ’em, before and after each use.
  • INCREASES SEXUAL SELF CONFIDENCE – Taking the time to get to know yourself inside and out will not only help you communicate with future partners about your sexual likes and dislikes, it also puts you in a less anxious state of mind so that you’re more relaxed and able to fully enjoy the experience.
  • RELIEVES STRESS – Having an orgasm releases the feel good chemicals in your brain that promote feelings of well being and relaxation. The relaxation can lead to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer.
  • INCREASES BLOOD FLOW – The increase in blood flow after orgasm is what’s responsible for the “morning after glow” you have after you and boo make sure the neighbors know your names. But, did you now it can also reduce the size of pimples and improve your skin’s appearance? GAME CHANGER!
  • IMPROVES HEART HEALTH – You know how they say sex is considered an exercise? It’s because it is a cardio intense activity. All that extra cardio you get from sex, whether with a partner or solo dolo, increases your stamina and makes your heart stronger. This helps to fight off cardiovascular disease as well.
  • CAN RELIEVE PAIN AND CRAMPS – Now this one was new to me! You mean to tell me, instead of popping pain killers like tic tac’s I can just go bust out my Hitachi and banish my cramps to the hottest section in Hades? Sign me up!
  • IS SUPER TIME EFFICIENT – This is my personal favorite reason to pleasure myself. Do you know how bomb it is to not have to be a damn acrobat, narrator, motivational coach, traffic controller, or spend hours chasing an orgasm I could’ve given myself in seven minutes, if I so chose? Don’t get me wrong, sex with a partner is great. Most of the time I’m down for some marathon loving, but sometimes ya girl just wanna get in and out without having dry mouth, needing to completely re-do my hair, or trying to remember not to respond “Mine!” when my bed mate asks me “Whose is it?”
  • IT FEELS AMAZING! – After a few go rounds on your self discovery train, you are sure to master your body to a point where you can start having some real fun with yourself. You may even stumble across some places you didn’t even know were “GO” buttons. Plus, it’s easier to achieve orgasm if you do it yourself and you can give yourself as many as you like without having to feel guilty for the lucky son of a bitch you allowed the opportunity to experience your sexual brilliance.

So there you have it!

Masturbation is as useful of a tool in your self care arsenal as getting out into the sun, taking a bubble bath, reading, or observing mindful silence.

A lot of people have a lot of guilt and shame built into them about self pleasure that is totally unnecessary. It is your body and you are free to touch or not touch it as often or as little as you like. I will tell you this though, you are sooner to regret letting someone else touch you intimately than you are to regret touching yourself. Masturbation is almost always a guaranteed orgasm with minimal clean up. And! You don’t have to make small talk with yourself or be in the kitchen making sammiches afterwards if you don’t want to.

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Here is where I would normally issue a challenge to you all, but. I think we all agree it would be T.M.I for us to be sharing the results of any kind of masturbation challenge with each other, lol. Unless you wanna email me about it.

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