Thankful Thursday: Health, Wealth, and The ability to be of service

First of all, it has been entirely too many Thursday’s since I have shared my gratitude with you guys and that is unacceptable. But, as with all great procrastinators, I have an excuse! Mercury going into retrograde for the month of June tore my ass UP! But we aren’t gong to go into all the sordid details of that tumultuous time, at least not in this post we won’t lol. For now, let’s just agree that the cringe all of us feel when we hear that Mercury is about to start acting a fool again is a well deserved reaction to the planets’ fuckery lol.

Anyway! How the hell have you guys been? What have I missed? A lot? A little? I really want to know about it in the comments below or you can always email me if you wanna be all private and stuff 🙂 . While I wait on you to get your thoughts together, how about I get into this gratitude thang? Cool? Cool!

Red Cardinal sighting!

Photo by Skyler Ewing on

Okay, let me tell you. I know less than nothing about birds. But I do trust my eyes and my gut so I will proudly proclaim that over the past two days I have been visited by a red cardinal.

When I first saw the bird yesterday I didn’t think much of it other than notice it was such a vibrant color for a bird, and that I was happy Pepper wasn’t outside to kill it. The dog is a bird assassin guys. True story! Anyway, when the beauty flew by my window again today and rested a moment in the tree outside my window I was in the process of channeling messages from spirit to deliver on my Instagram.

Shameless plug:

If you aren’t following me on Instagram, why not? Don’t you think I’m dope enough to respectfully cyber stalk? The link is right there at the bottom of the page. It likes to be poked. Not trying to tell all of it’s business but… ya know?

Dylan- Can never stay on topic…

For some reason, when I saw the bird return again today I remembered a dream last night where I was trying to take a picture of something this same color red. For no reason at all I noticed I was smiling and then I went straight to Google to see if there was a spiritual meaning to seeing a red bird. After all, I was in the middle of creating my first pick a card spread for social media, so surely seeing a red bird was a sign for something, right? Turns out I was right. Seeing red birds have all kinds of spiritual meanings. The message I took from it though was that I’m following the correct path and I’m a master manifestor, which I already knew. Seeing that bird this morning was welcome confirmation that the spiritual journey, guidance, and engagement I’ve been involved in, I’m meant to be involved in. So to kick off today’s Thankful Thursday, I want to give thanks to my spiritual team for sending me messages conscious and subconscious to confirm that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

Health, Wealth, and The ability to be of service

I’ve been down sick all week and through the stomach pains and headaches I have been having, I’ve remained in surprisingly good spirits. This has been my first time being sick since I’ve been single and I’m proud to report I’m 95% recovered. With the help of Spirit and Doordash drivers I’ve barely had to leave my house and I’ve had everything that I’ve needed. For this I am Thankful.

Through my illness, I was still able to work from home and take care of all the business I needed to take care of. The down time gave me a much needed opportunity to meditate, contemplate, and evaluate. I got to catch up on some spiritual messages I had been too distracted to fully immerse myself in. I got the chance to spend some quality time with my dog and inside my home. I got back into writing, channeling messages for the collective, painting, and dancing! All while being under the weather. For this I am Thankful.

As I sit here typing this up, I’ve had an anxiety attack and because of my faith in Spirit and the lessons I have learned I was able to work myself out of the attack and am able to finish writing this post without having to call in every friend, the hospital, ambulance, Dr. Phil, and the Cabbage Patch kids to come sit with me through a crisis I’ve made up in my own head. For this I am Thankful.

It is for all of these reasons that I can say that I am thankful for my health, my wealth, and the ability to be of service to myself as well as others. While my ailments are serious to me, there are some people who aren’t here today because their bodies were not able to fight off what ailed them. While I have been slowed down a bit, I am blessed to have everything I need within arms reach inside my home. Hell, just the fact that I have a home is a testament to my wealth. While I have not been able to move too far away from my home, I have still been able to offer assistance to my friends, co-workers, and spiritual comrades through various forms of communication. I am blessed, abundant, and grateful for all that I have been afforded and I will continue to express gratitude for as long as there is breath in my body.

Your Turn!

We all have reasons to be grateful everyday. I’d love to hear about some of the things you are feeling gratitude for this week or even just today. Leave a comment down below. I’m anxiously waiting to celebrate your good fortune with you!

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