Tarot Tuesday: Four of cups

Four of cups – Rider – Waite

Keywords: Passivity, Contemplation, Meditation, Apathetic, Indifference, Bored, Uninspired.

My Interpretation: This guy is sitting under this tree minding his business contemplating the contents of the goblets in front of him, seemingly oblivious to the new option being presented to him.

Because this card is from the suit of cups, we know his issue is emotional. The whole vibe of this guys body language says to me that he is either bored, asleep, disappointed, or lost in thought. Whatever his mood, its clear he is over whatever emotional situation he’s found himself in and he isn’t interested in anything other than watching the blades of grass grow while he figures things out.

The light blue background and otherwise calm appearance of this cards says to me that this guy is not in any danger and his situation has a very optimistic undertone. With his arms folded across his chest he seems to be unimpressed with his current offerings but won’t look up to see a new opportunity being offered to him. This dude, right? He’s obviously fed up with the options he has already explored, yet he won’t redirect his focus to see that there’s another way. This card feels like he wants to wallow in his own dilemma. It screams victimhood to me. He clearly has a way out, he’s just too ingulfed in his own self pity to take the out he’s being given.

Advice: If you find yourself feeling or looking as sullen as this guy is insisting on being, I beg you to take inventory of yourself. Is your situation really as dire and dramatic as this scene suggests or do you need to wake up and accept the new offer that is being presented to you. Sometimes we need to put other offers on hold so we can check in with ourselves, and that’s one thing. But if you are so engulfed in your own self pity that you are missing the help you claim to want, you are doing yourself an injustice and blocking your own blessing.

Ask yourself, are you taking for granted the things that you already have?

If you find yourself bored with your current circumstances, you have all the power to find more fulfilling opportunities. Sitting and pouting like a toddler about what you think you are lacking is not going to make it magically appear.

You better get up, get out, and get something, said some famous rapper or singer… hell somebody more lyrically brilliant than myself.

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