Tarot Tuesday: The Star

The Star Rider-Waite

Keywords: Renewal, Hope, Healing, Spirituality, Inspiration, Opportunities, Clarity of Vision.

My Interpretation: The Star tarot card is a shining beacon welcoming you to have a little faith. When the Star card shows up in a reading it is a reminder that you are abundantly supported by Spirit.

This card often comes up in a reading to indicate you have made it through the “fire” of a situation and are safely on the other side with your hope still intact. This a wholly spiritual card that calls you to acknowledge that while you have been through rough times, those times help to shape you into the person you are meant to be. Your experiences, negative and positive, provide an opportunity for growth and bring you closer to Spirit.

This is a card of endless possibilities. All you need is a little faith, a dash of inspiration, two shakes of positivity, and there you have the recipe for manifestation.

Personal Experience: Towards the end of last week, my patience and faith were fully tested. I received an email from my ex wife that sent me into panic and overthinking mode.

From Thursday of last week through the entire weekend, I was frantic and anxious. I scrambled trying to find a solution to the new problem she presented to me. In between trying to solve the problem, I was also trying to manage the slew of negative emotions and feelings that were stirred up from hearing from her for the first time in a month. I banged my head on the wall for days trying to come up with a solution. I exhausted myself through Google searches and seeking advice from experts on the subject of the matter. I couldn’t come up with anything concrete and every time I thought I had something, it turned out to be another dead end. I was hopeless and in turn, I started to take on a “poor me” attitude about the situation. I became grumpy, angry, annoyed, and pissed off.

Despite all of this going on I still maintained my spiritual practice, If anything, I was leaning on it more so over the weekend in the search for answers to what I thought was my problem. A funny thing happened though. In following my daily spiritual practice, I started to receive messages from Spirit by way of my cards. At first the message to let go and trust that I was taken care of was presented to me softly. But by Sunday night / Monday morning the message was loud clear and aggressive as hell!

After some reflection and understanding that not every battle is mine to fight, I laid down my sword and resolved to let the universe/spirit sort the issue for me. I was trying to push through the situation by following old patterns of behaviors. I was resorting to tried and failed methods in an attempt to handle a situation that I didn’t even realize wasn’t mine to address in the first place.

At first I struggled to let go of the controlling mindset I was attempting to solve the problem with, but by the time I went to bed Monday night, I was delivered a message from spirit on how best to move through the situation. Come to find out, I ruined whole portions of my weekend because I didn’t, “let go, and let God / Spirit”. By finally listening and surrendering to something higher and more wise than myself, I was released from a burden that wasn’t mine to bear. And so, it came as no surprise this morning when I drew the Star card as a part of my daily read.

When I got out of my bed this morning I felt released from restriction. I woke up happy, and lighthearted. Even though the situation has not been fully resolved, I feel confident that whatever happens with it I am cared for, protected, and abundantly provided for. I accept that any situation that does not kill me, makes me stronger and places me on the path to fulfilling my destiny.

I woke up feeling like a total STAR this morning because my heart is full of hope. All because I put my trust in myself and the universe.

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