Tarot Tuesday: Seven of Swords

Keywords: Frivolousness, Uselessness, Restriction, Feeling Helpless, Lack of mental clarity causes indecision, Unmotivated, Worry unnecessarily.

My Interpretation: On days ruled by the Seven of swords, even the smallest tasks seem like they require the effort of climbing Mount Everest! This could mean that work may begin to pile up, household chores may seem to back up on you, and despite your best efforts to get focused, you feel like you’re able to. The restriction indicated by this card comes from within yourself. Worrying so much that you won’t be able to make an important deadline, in turn causes you to just barely get it in on time, if at all. Finding motivation to do complete mundane tasks is also a side effect of this card. Seven of Swords days often feel like no matter what you do, nothing is enough.

Personal Experience: This Tuesday was definitely a day ruled by the Seven of Swords for me. Everything from meditation to tying my hair down for the night was a struggle. All day, distractions and road blocks seemed to pop up out of nowhere. As soon as I completed one project and new one was waiting for me in my inbox. All day, I had been thinking of all of the things I needed to complete (Including this blog post) but every time I sat down to focus on the task at hand, it seemed to elude me. I had the attention span of a fruit fly, and why? Because I was spending so much time worrying about things I couldn’t control.

Advice: Here’s the thing with the Seven of Swords. The large sword in the middle of the card represents you. The six small swords that circle you are the obstacles of the day. Now! If you’re better than me, you can address each sword (obstacle / restrictive thought ) as it comes, and clear them from your path.

Take the time to identify what is bogging you down and decide if it is something you need to worry about or if it’s anxiety or needless worry. Once you have assessed whether or not the things that are holding you back are in fact real obstacles, you can then figure out what to do with them. If it’s real, slow down, make a plan of action, and follow the plan. If it’s not, acknowledge the thought and see if you can figure out where its coming from. If it’s something that can be resolved, great! If not, try to let it go for the day.

However, if you are like me, and are so fogged up that you can’t even see clear enough to understand that this is the case, be forgiving to yourself. Take your time and just get done as much as you can. Not every day is going to be problem free, and not every day is going to be as difficult as a Seven of a Swords day, they key is to take things a step at a time. Operate within your comfort zone for the day.

Being unforgiving to yourself on a day ruled by the Seven of Swords is like storming the nation’s capital protesting the legal, rightful, election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the office of President and Vice President, respectively. You could do it, but what’s the point?

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