Tarot Tuesday: Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups – Crowley Thoth

Keywords: Productiveness, Spirituality, Unconditional Love, Creativity, Confidence, Happiness, Creation of a new passion project, New Beginnings, Emotional Release.

My interpretation: On days ruled by the Ace of Cups you can expect to experience sudden bursts of inspiration towards passion projects, opportunities to create new loving friendships, and becoming receptive to unconditional love. The Ace of cups also represents taking major steps forward in your spiritually. This enlightenment leads to identification of your spiritual desires and illuminates a path to pursuing and attaining those goals.

Personal Experience: Recently I’ve been waking up feeling unclear, unfocused, and foggy headed. I have been having a lot of dreams that I can’t remember when I wake up in the morning, but they make enough of an impact to wake me from my sleep at night. I have been waking with the feeling that Spirit has been speaking to me but the messages aren’t carrying over into consciousness. This morning was the same in that I woke at the sound of my alarm. I was in my bed and my dog was on the floor next to me. The difference with this morning, as with the past few mornings, is that I have felt disconnected from Spirit, of my own accord. Spirit was still speaking to me but I was too clouded to receive and interpret the messages.

I’ve been very low emotionally. Most of the holiday I spent alone, in bed, depressed, wallowing in self-pity, and anxiety ridden. I had been eating like garbage and moving exercise so low on my list of priorities that I couldn’t begin to find it. I have been brainstorming ways to introduce tarot to this platform in a unique way but, every avenue I took kept running me into road blocks. I’ve been blocked. From spirit, myself, my creativity, everything.

And then, in rode the Ace of Cups!

This morning started much like all the ones before it. Directionless, low vibrational, and disconnected. Still, I fell right in line with my daily routine. Wake up, hydrate, get caffeinated, evacuated, write in my journal, daily forecast tarot reading, and meditation. During my morning ritual the edges of a dream I’d had last night played at the outskirts of my thoughts. I couldn’t quite bring it into focus but, this was the closest I had come to remembering a dream in days. Meditation complete, I turned to YouTube to listen to a speech from my favorite guru, Sadhguru.

Today’s message from Spirit, through Sadhguru, was to create an organized mind.

There are four dimensions of you

  • Physical body
  • Mind
  • Emotion
  • Fundamental Life Energies

Once all four of these dimensions are in alignment you can find success in manifestation.

That was it! I wasn’t able to manifest the wisdom of spirit, creativity, happiness, and productivity in my life because my dimensions were not all aligned to go in the same direction.

My mind was present on my spiritual work but in neglecting my body, emotions, and my life energies I was blocking myself off from the blessings of the universe. The more I listened to Sadhguru explain this concept, I was able to see the blockage in my mind. With little effort on my end, only allowing myself to hear the words, I began to feel myself chip away at the blockage. The emotional baggage I had been carrying around started to feel lighter, which in turn started to bring the dreams I have been having into focus. I was growing clearer. Things in my mind’s eye were becoming more tangible. Now what I am suggesting is not that this card holds some secret magical power to come in and fix all the things in your life with no effort on your part. Nor will the words of Sadhguru alone do that for you.

The Ace of Cups called my attention to the lack mindset I had been carrying with me. The appearance of this card brought me spiritual guidance, consciousness and created a call to action within myself, by illuminating what was “broken” in me. It reminded me that I am surrounded by unconditional love and that I need to get back to a place of having confidence in myself and my journey. It showed me that Spirit was right there, waiting for me to pick myself back up from the floor and re-opened my mind to the reason I started this journey in the first place.

By the time I made it to work, I found myself in a focused and productive mindset. I walked into my office bursting with ideas about blog posts to write today, in addition to what I already have planned and scheduled. For about a week now, I have been looking for a meaningful and unique way to introduce my experiences with tarot on this platform in a unique way and today, the way finally formed and came to me. You are witnessing my breakthrough in reading this post!

On an Ace of Cups day allow yourself to be open to love, happiness, seeking spiritual advancement, and creativity.

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